Campbells of Southwest Virginia

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Letter of William R. Givens to Jane Campbell (1799-1861) and Jane's Husband, David McCord Campbell (1794-1882)

Introduction by Phil Norfleet

The original of this letter is in my possession and was obtained from the papers of my great-grandfather, John W. Norfleet (1833-1922) of Moniteau County, Missouri. He apparently obtained the letter from his mother, Margaret Campbell Norfleet (1803-1872), the younger sister of Jane Campbell (1799-1861).  The letter, dated 8 November 1841, is from William R. Givens, husband of Jane Campbell's younger sister, Elizabeth Campbell Givens.  At the time the letter was written, Jane's mother, Margaret Campbell (1774-1853), was residing in the Givens household in Callaway County, Missouri.   Subsequently, Margaret Campbell died in the Givens home on 4 October 1853.

A digitized copy of William R. Givens's two-page letter is appended hereto at the following hyperlink:

Facsimile of William R. Givens Letter